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Winpar is a public company listed on the National Stock Exchange of Australia ("NSX"), (NSX Code: WPH).

Winpar Holdings Limited was established in 1985 as an unlisted public company by Mr. Robert Cameron and the late Mr. Wallace Hore, and by 30 June 1986 it had a share capital of $9005.00. It commenced formal business on 1 July 1986 as an investor and sub-underwriter.

Since its incorporation the company has always operated primarily as a value investor, and over a long period has accumulated a diverse portfolio of listed and unlisted securities which it has perceived as having long term value. Most of these have been Australian securities, although more recently a proportion of them have been overseas securities, mainly shares in companies in the United Kingdom. The company has also developed a trading portfolio, although share trading has always been regarded as a supplement to the company’s overall investment strategy.

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